14 Things We Learned About Aisha Taylor

Aisha Taylor recently found time to do an AMA on Reddit, which is amazing, because when she’s not providing the voice of Lana Kane on Archer, she’s promoting her book and getting ready to host the new incarnation of Whose Line is it Anyway, set to return to TV on July 16.

On whether she’d choose H Jon Benjamin or Chris Parnell:

I love them both. H Jon is the sly yet remote lover, and Chris is the insanely well-hung neighbour that makes you lose your job because you have been having sex nonstop for four days and have forgotten your name, where you live, and what your pets names are. Also your pets are dead because you forgot to feed them.

On her favourite superhero:

Starfire from New Teen Titans cause she can fly, and she almost looks black. Also, no pupils. She is bananas hot in the New 52 reboot. I would wreck it.

On what life is like in the danger zone:

Nothing but bitches and money. Bitches and money.

On the best Archer episode:

I love them all, but probably a tie between Skytanic and Skorpio. Skytanic has Pam taking a dump while watching Cyrill and Carol have sex, and also the Vealy Vulva run. Skorpio has the two-man threesome and some excellent chocolate boobprints on the wall of the yacht’s master suite. Both reek of excellence.

On being taken seriously as a gamer:

People OFTEN doubt I play video games but they can suck the sticky end of my controller. I love to play, and other people’s opinions do not prevent me from playing. The only thing that keeps me from playing is a punishing work schedule. I have been 20% in to Bioshock Infinite for months. Poo.

On the best inexpensive bourbon:

You can never go wrong with Maker’s Mark. Also, it is the only bourbon I would sully with other fluids (wow that sounded dirty). For straight drinking, Bullit, Blanton’s, Booker’s, and Buffalo Trace are all good. Just had some 10-year Jefferson that made me want to take off clothing. But of course, all bourbon makes me want to do that.

On home-brewed beer:

I haven’t homebrewed for a while because I am so slammed with work but my favourite beer style is IPA and my second is stout. I am also a sour cherry lambic fan. Don’t ask me why. Cherry is delicious. That is why.

On her idea of a perfect date:

Bourbon. Action movie. 2 hours of FPS play. Light spanking. Pie. In that order. PS I’m the one doing the spanking. Also, I get all the pie.

On her favourite video game:

I cannot choose. Favourite(s): Gears of War, Halo, Fallout 3, Far Cry, TWD. My avatar in Fallout 3 cannot be beat. She was a stone cold Wasteland fox. Me in a blonde mohawk. Boom. I will be in the new Watch Dogs game so then that will be my favourite videogame character, right after my character in Halo: Reach and Gears of War 3. I am a character-grubby gamewhore.

On keeping up with Jim Carey as the host of Whose Line is it Anyway:

He DID set the bar very, very high. He is awesome. He is also a friend and I love him and I was incredibly honoured to take his place. He actually sent flowers to set on our first day and was so supportive. I cannot keep up with him. I can only humbly sit in his chair and try to enjoy the pleasant and comforting butt heat he left behind. As for my personal touch, you will just have to watch. I don’t have a penis, so I will have to touch things with something else.

On the funniest line in Archer:

Pam saying that Cyrill was making it really hard to drop a deuce when he was having sex with Cheryl/Carol on Skytanic while crying.

On voice over work versus stand-up:

I love stand-up because that is how I got into the business. I’ve been doing it 21 years and I can finally say I am pretty serviceable at it. But voiceover work is much easier. Just me, and a mike, and MAYBE some pants. If I’m feeling like wearing them that day.

On partying after the Archer Live performances:

Well, we are already pretty blerzy when we walk off stage, if you can’t tell. We don’t see each other very much because we all record the show separately, so when we get together we kind of revert into our characters from the show. So, yes. We go off and get good and drunk, and then Jon attacks a group of college kids and gets a black eye, Pam steals a cop car, Chris Parnell re-enacts all of Big Dig Richie’s scenes from Magic Mike, and then we all have a good laugh and go eat pancakes.

On what she won’t do:


This is a test