Graffiti Fighting Drones

Deutsche Bahn, Germany’s national rail network,  is set to take the fight against graffiti to the sky with their own army of drones, according to CNET.

Apparently graffiti is a big problem in Germany, as graffiti cleanups cost Deutsche Bahn nearly 10 million dollars last year.

Fortunately for the graffiti artists and vandals of Germany, these drones will not be the same kind the United States uses to take out military targets. The drones will fly around 500 feet in the air and use their infrared cameras to take photographic evidence of crimes against Deutsche Bahn. They can fly silently at 33 mph and can monitor rail yards for 80 minutes at a time.

So stop vandalizing Deutsche Bahn property, graffiti artists of Germany. Or maybe just wear a mask.

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