“Smart Windows” That Boost Cell Reception

Ericsson has unveiled prototypes of “smart windows,” windows that can boost cell reception, respond to taps and swipes (akin to an iPhone) and more, according to CNET.

The windows are apart of Ericsson’s “Windows of Opportunity” exhibit at CTIA 2013. Ericsson hopes the windows inspire other companies to take up the effort to build on these “smart windows.” The windows that boost cell reception are embedded with a transparent antenna that strengthens any cell phone that comes near it.

The windows that respond to taps are another marvel. Tapping one area will turn on a fan. Tapping another turns on a light bulb. Swiping in certain areas can turn on music and adjust volume. You would essentially have a giant iPod in your house that can manage your home’s technology. Say goodbye to “The Clapper.”

The possibilities of these “smart windows” are of course, endless. All too often, people on trains or in certain parts of their house or workplace suddenly lose cell reception. By placing “smart windows” in these locations, it could spell the end of these terrible, terrible situations.

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