Hailo’s Toronto Taxi Debut

Murphy’s Law #637: When it’s raining or you’re running late, good luck getting a cab.

Today, a new app is launching in Toronto that aims to make hailing a taxi as easy as two taps. Say goodbye to frantically flailing your arms and hello to Hailo.

Making its North American debut, Hailo hails from the UK, where the black cab is as iconic as the double decker bus. Founded by three cabbies and three entrepreneurs, Toronto joins London and Dublin with this taxi technological advancement.

Genius? Maybe.

With no hidden or extra fees, your cab will arrive and even wait for five minutes, before turning on the meter. An interactive map will show you the nearest available cars and even display their progress as they approach. An in-app alert will notify you when your ride pulls up – and provide you the name of your driver and his door number.

Best of all, payment is safe and secure. No more reaching for your wallet or wondering what method of payment will be accepted. Hailo has your credit card on file. All you need to do is select the tip amount to process the payment. A receipt will be sent to your email within minutes making end of the month accounting a breeze – no more messy receipt cards.

Hailo works exclusively with licensed cab drivers from all of the city’s major taxi companies.

The service is a win-win for drivers and customers. Since its launch last November in London, Hailo is already providing a job every 20 seconds in that city. Given Toronto’s reputation as a smart-phone savvy city, big results are expected.

We’re in. We support any advancement that makes taking a taxi as easy as tapping an app. Get the free download of Hailo here.


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