Many Smartphone Notifications, Particularly Ones from Work, Negatively Affect Your Mood

There’s at least one good reason why you should take a break from your smartphone—it can put you in a bad mood. A new study out of Britain shows that one-third of notifications you receive by phone can adversely affect your emotions. Researchers from Nottingham Trent University conducted a small … Read More

One in Three People Are Distracted While Crossing the Street

There’s nothing quite so dangerous on the 21st century street as a person walking and texting (obligatory video of a jerk doing so here). A new study from the University of Washington monitored a thousand people at “20 high risk intersections” and recorded what they observed. 29.8% of all pedestrians … Read More

Travelamp Light Diffuser

Let there be light? Well, anyone with a smartphone can do that, but it takes something else to make said light soft and relaxing. Enter the Travelamp light diffuser ($8). It’s a soft silicon doohickey that wraps around your smartphone and turns the harsh directional light into something more ambient.

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