Many Shades of Grey

In putting together colour palettes for a number of design projects we are currently working on, it struck me how consistent the colour choices were. I have consistently been a lover of the colour grey, always have and always will. Grey was the colour of my last two cars; I have my share of grey suits and I even own a couple of pairs of jeans in grey denim. When asked what my favourite colour is the answer will always be grey!

I know that for many, grey is, well, boring. I like the subtle, yet sophisticated feel of a grey on walls or furniture. In cement, flannel or charcoal tones, grey will remain steadfast where other colours have lost their grip and have become dated, stale, un-cool or passé.

We are currently working on two separate office projects and we are using greys and charcoals as a foundation and mixing in hints of white, blacks, blues and organic wood tones. The idea is to have a well-defined look that will stand the test of time.  Art is being added in to bring in splashes of colour, but the overall look although masculine, remains comfortable.

In one project, we are using lighter woods like white oak and Douglas fir to provide warmth with blackened metal framework for desks and tables, lending a retro industrial look to the space.  The task chairs and audio video equipment are all the latest in high-tech, keeping the space from looking too much like a loft conversion.

Applying the same principal design guidelines to residential design can make for a very polished, but comfortable look and feel.  The use of grey as a base colour combined with woods and high-tech elements will bring a polished look that will remain fresh for quite a while.

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  1. Sassy space. Grey is definitely the new black. Too bad grey isn’t technically a “colour”, but with addition of tints of warm yellows, blues or reds, I guess it does become a colour. I know art teachers everywhere would likely disagree. haha.

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