Post-Coital Etiquette

After doing the deed, you’re knackered and we’re energized. We don’t have to tell you rolling over and passing out is not okay, do we? After a few minutes of mandatory cuddling, follow these tips to ensure your most recent encounter isn’t your last.

Freshening up
Sex can be messy. Still, jumping in the shower moments after doing the deed is going to make us feel dirty. Invest in some baby wipes for a quick bedside cleanup, or pour a bath pour deux.

Don’t shag and run
We don’t want to hear that you have a big meeting / workout plans / breakfast with your mom tomorrow morning. Unless we have a clear understanding, we’ll expect a sleepover.

Keeping score
No matter how important the game is, no woman wants to be left alone in bed while you check the score. If you want to watch the Leafs lose again, don’t invite your lady over.

Do not go to the fridge and crack a beer immediately after doing the deed. It may be cold, crisp and refreshing, but your hot brewski breath is anything but. Instead, have a bottle of red wine breathing and bring it to bed.

Pillow don’t-talk
While we tend to get the blame for breaking out the post-coital “What does this mean?” question, guys are known to do it, too. Don’t. Enjoy the after-sex afterglow in sweet silence. Talk titles (boyfriend/lover/friend with benefits?) over toast in the morning.

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3 thoughts on “Post-Coital Etiquette”

  1. Very insightful article. Post-Coital is too delicate a time for most men to comprehend, especially considering we’re still riding out the tail end of an orgasm. Most of the things i’ve said to a woman and wish i had taken back were said just after sex.

  2. Boozing: red wine? Are you kidding me. It also leaves you with bad breath. I can tell the author has no experience or creativity on post coital boozing.

  3. The breath isn’t a problem for an hour or so … and she is usually happy I put in that time beforehand getting the flavour .. AND I’m happy to see lighting up is still good. Nothing like a smoke to keep us awake after, and the red wine goes well with it.
    Just forget about morning kisses until you brush – both of you.

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