Playstation Pwns Xbox

The Console War between Sony and Microsoft is again in full swing, and it appears that Sony’s Playstation 4 has won the first battle. Not only is the Playstation 4 going to be $100 cheaper than the Xbox One, it will also be easier to buy pre-owned games and share games with friends on Sony’s console.

Microsoft angered gamers earlier this year when it announced players would not be able to share games with friends or buy pre-owned games on the Xbox One without a myriad of restrictions and fees. In a nutshell, if you wanted to borrow your friends copy of Halo 5, you’d have to pay a fee to install the game on your console. The same goes if you bought a pre-owned version of the game. You would have to buy the game, then pay a fee to install it on your Xbox.

Playstation has clarified their stance on sharing games with a 20 second video skewering Microsoft . . . although they’ve quietly stated that other publishers can apply DRM all they want.

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