Review: TravelCard

Something to add to your every-day carry: a TravelCard ($40). We featured it back March when it was fundraising on Kickstarter, and I’m happy to say it’s every bit as great as I hoped.

Here’s an essential truth about Smartphones: it’s always handy to have more juice. That’s why I carry big backup batteries around with me in my briefcase. But who wants to carry around a bag everywhere? When I go out, about three things go with me: wallet, keys, phone. Handy enough, Travel Card fits right in my wallet.  It holds five hour’s worth of juice, so if I have an unexpectedly long day at work or forget to charge my phone the night before, that’s what I use in emergencies.

Other fun stuff: it’s made with aircraft grade aluminium, so it can take a battering with your wallet. It’s made for iPhone 5, 5s, and Android, and if colours matter to you, they have a range.

But here’s the really salient point: this is a back-up battery that isn’t a pain in the ass to carry around. In fact, you’ll forget you have it until you need it.

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