Review: Vogue Battstation 6000

Modern frustration #29843: phone dying. And it happens oh-so-easily. All night, you’re listening to music, texting, and using the GPS, and when you call an Uber it dies. Frustration in a nutshell, especially if it affects your passenger rating.

You can’t count on your phone battery improving anytime soon, so start carrying around a backup. I’ve been using the Vogue Battstation 6000 for the past week, and I love it. Basically, you charge it up overnight (it actually takes about six hours to go from zero to full), throw it in your bag, and forget it’s there until you have a phone that needs juice. Or a tablet. Or a camera. Or lots of things, really, because it can charge anything that uses a micro USB. It also comes with a Galaxy Tab adaptor and an Apple 30-pin adaptor, so it can take care of those devices too.

I mainly used it to give my phone a boost near the end of the day, since I use the hell out of that thing, but it’s also pretty handy when a friend or colleague needs juice and—surprise!—you have just the thing that’ll help out.

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