Steam Cleaning Grill Brush

Cleaning is our least favourite part of grilling. Really, you only have two options: scrap all the bits off with a brush, or turn all the burners to high and leave it for at least half an hour. The problem with the first option is that you just end up pushing grease around the grills. The problems with the second option are that it wastes lots of fuel, can potentially light grease on fire, and there’s the slight possibility that you’ll forget, leaving the gas burning overnight or longer (editor’s note: this is a real possibility, as my dad proved and I’m wont to remind him at every available opportunity).

Enter the third option: steam clean that sucker. This steam cleaning grill brush ($70) has a chamber that holds two cups of water. Press a button, and water spills onto the hot grill as you scrub. The brush is 18” long, which we’re sure is enough for even the most fanatical grill master’s machine. Also, the brush head is removable and dishwasher safe. This way, tonight’s steaks won’t taste like last week’s cookout.

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