Swingbyte: Real Time Golf Data Analysis

As much as we like fresh air, challenging courses, hover golf carts, and after-game Scotch, real golf just doesn’t keep the same detailed stats as, say, Lee Carvello’s Putting Challenge. What speed was that drive? What angle was the club face? How many drinks do we forfeit when we hit the sand trap?

Fortunately, there’s an app (and a gadget) for that. The Swingbyte ($150) clips onto your club, and then collects all the data you’d want to know about your swing and uploads it onto an app. The app shows you neat metrics like club head speed, path, plane, angles of impact, and more categories than you knew existed, all with interactive 3-D imagery. Of course, all the uploaded data goes into your history, so if you’re trying to remap your swing, the Swingbyte will tell you exactly how successful you are . . . or aren’t, if you’re like us.

[youtube width=”640″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Il0c91puTJg[/youtube]

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