Uber taxi

Checklist: The ten things you’re most likely to forget in an Uber car

Do you often find yourself frantically patting your pockets and taking inventory of your gear when you’re out? Shoot. Where’s my wallet? What have I done with my keys? There’s always that moment of panic when you realize that you’ve lost track of something essential. Well, here’s a handy checklist … Read More

The best websites and apps for your summer travels

When it comes to traveling, the importance of planning is key to a successful trip. From researching, to coordinating, to purchasing, it quickly can become overwhelming especially with many travel resources available at the tips of our fingers—quite literally. To narrow it down, here’s a list of the top five tools that … Read More

Entrepreneurs are redefining the future of Ethiopia

Addis Ababa is nuts. The city is impossible to get around because there’s construction everywhere. It’s a chaotic boomtown that aspires to be the Dubai of east Africa — and might actually have a chance. The main thing Ethiopia has going for it is a pervasive entrepreneurial spirit. Everywhere you … Read More

The four levels of disruption that can get you kicked off a flight in Canada

The customer is always right. Right? Wrong. According to Transport Canada, there are four levels of disruption that will get you kicked off your next flight. Minor incidents, things like inappropriate language, which can be easily handled by the in-flight crew are ranked at Level 1. And just like your … Read More

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