FYI: Your friends hate your vacation pics (especially this one)

A new poll has uncovered the most hated photo on Facebook. It turns out that people really don’t like seeing their friends’ vacation pictures plastering their newsfeed. The study – conducted by insurance firm Aviva – found that 73 per cent pf people are annoyed by seeing other people’s vacation … Read More

Couple in bed

Report: The sexiest places in the world (and how Canadian cities measure up)

Which cities around the world are having the most sex, and how do the sex lives of Canadians compare? A new report from Lazeeva, a company specializing on erotic mobile apps, reveals where people are the most ‘sex positive’. They define sex positive as “having or promoting an open tolerant, … Read More

The most popular (and least expensive) travel destinations for Canadians

Planning your next adventure? A new report reveals the most popular travel destinations for Canadians – and those that are the cheapest to fly to right now. To determine these, the team over at compiling the data from 11.5 million flight searches from six major cities (Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, … Read More

Uber taxi

Checklist: The ten things you’re most likely to forget in an Uber car

Do you often find yourself frantically patting your pockets and taking inventory of your gear when you’re out? Shoot. Where’s my wallet? What have I done with my keys? There’s always that moment of panic when you realize that you’ve lost track of something essential. Well, here’s a handy checklist … Read More

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