Amazon Echo smart speaker - © 2017

Does the Amazon Echo Look have a built-in security risk?

Amazon has just announced its newest addition to Echo family: Echo Look, a cutting edge device that doubles as your BFCF (best-fashion-conscious-friend). Echo Look responds to voice commands, just like the original Echo. You can use it to play songs, list news headlines, play trivia. It also still has full Alexa functionality. … Read More

Whiskey Barrels And Steel: Original Grain Watches

In a unique synergy of fashion and tradition combining reclaimed oak whiskey barrels and steel, Original Grain has created one of the hottest new watches on the market. It might seem like an obvious pairing, but it took until 2013 for someone to take this idea to market. While wooden … Read More

Workplace privacy: Five things that will make IT start monitoring your work computer

The IT department can be your greatest ally – or they can be your worst enemy. Most of us use computers at some point during our jobs. Even in manual labour jobs are not exempt from having to file the occasional reports or send emails to superiors. Many fail to … Read More

The four levels of disruption that can get you kicked off a flight in Canada

The customer is always right. Right? Wrong. According to Transport Canada, there are four levels of disruption that will get you kicked off your next flight. Minor incidents, things like inappropriate language, which can be easily handled by the in-flight crew are ranked at Level 1. And just like your … Read More

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