5 Boots to Battle Old Man Winter

Foiling snow, sleet and all manner of slush is your primary task every winter. That means booting up. Until recently, I sent several of my much-loved sneakers to slaughter. I’d swerve on ice and cut through snow and stumble into parties with numb toes and soaked socks. Come spring, I’d fix my eyes on the salt stains and decide to shell out for new kicks. Nevermore. I urge you to feast your eyes on these winter boots, your bulwark in these times that try men’s soles.

Men’s 1964 Pac T Boot

Sorel — $150
Sometimes you need to shove aside style. Sometimes you have to spoon conformity to get with comfort. Here’s what I know. It ain’t winter until I see snow, an army of Canada Goose jackets and people stomping the streets in Sorels (me included). Yes, you won’t be original. But your feet will smirk at fools too proud to assimilate. These boots are waterproof and are capable of combating -40 celsius weather.

Men’s Bean Boots

L.L. Bean — $99
If your style is rough and rugged and you desire something with an artisanal touch, don’t balk at these boots. L.L. Bean — that’s the originator Leon Leonwood Bean of Greenwood, Maine—designed this pair more than 100 years ago. It’s now their signature model, which is sewn one pair at a time in Maine. They’re quality boots at a decent price and are made to last. For the Portlandia crowd.

Peu Pista

Camper — $160
The company is Spanish and the name, when translated from Catalan to English, means rustic. When I first cast my eyes on these boots, available at Gravity Pope, I saw something far more city slicker than rustic. Fitted with Gore-Tex lining and a cushioning system, these waterproof boots embrace casual with enthusiasm.

Emerson 1000 Mile Boot 

Wolverine — $450
Life outside your home is frosty, but it hasn’t snowed in days. You have somewhere nice to be and you don’t want your sole game to distract from your outfit. Find something to wedge open your wallet and purchase this boot for its stylish and simple good looks. With the Emerson 1000 Mile Boot, you’re paying for durable leather and great craftsmanship. It’s only later when you look outside and see the snow falling that you might need to fret. But not if you purchased the additional Leather Care Kit.

Lonestar, Cognac

Pajar — $210
You phone tells you it’s -20 degrees outside and you don’t flinch. You refuse to fall in line and slip into some Sorels. You want a sneaker that can handle itself when it’s frigid and you’re willing to accept the fallout. This Montreal-based company has what you need and the cowsuede upper is sure to stand out.

Pierre Hamilton is a freelance writer from Toronto, where some of his best friends describe him as an acquired taste. He enjoys bourbon and scotch, but craves craft beer, overproof Jamaican rum and great non-fiction. He has a very limited style knowledge but knows what he likes. He also produces a monthly music podcast called Sound Considerations. Follow him, but not too closely, on Twitter.


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