Standard Apparel Summer Preview

Finally, we’re free from winter’s chilly grip. So now what? We discard the layers and stomp out of our homes in search of summer. Our eyes, deprived of eye candy for months, will feast. Already I’ve spotted several women wearing too-short shorts. It’s too early for that nonsense—you gotta ease … Read More

Standard Apparel Spring Preview

You’re tired. Tired of trudging through dirt-stained snow and slipping on ice. Tired of shovelling and salt stains. Tired of winter winds lashing at your fingers and your face. Well, spring is here. So toss old or unwanted items and restock your wardrobe for the warmer weather. Here’s what Standard … Read More


Tucked into a fitting room at Surmesur’s custom menswear shop, you’ll find a technology that strips you down to a data set. Haseeb Khan slides back a curtain and shows me an optical body scanner. What I see is a smaller version of the scanners in airports that pat you … Read More

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