5 Summer Fashion Mistakes (We All Make)

Nothing like nice weather to highlight fashions biggest faux pas. Most men don’t realize they could be sporting one (or more) of these mistakes until it is too late.

Socks and Sandals

This combination of casual and comfort should stay as far away from fashion as possible. The point of wearing sandals is to expose your feet, while socks protect them, why not just wear a regular shoe and save yourself the time. Fashion police have been busting this as the worst trend ever created, it is quite easy to see why many find it a faux pas. Although the style is mostly worn by retired men over seventy recently it has been making a comeback with young female athletes. Please do us all a favour: stay away.

Too Much Cologne

When the weather finally starts getting better most people take full advantage of it. Instead of taking transit or driving to work they instead opt to walk or bike. Increased activity in the summer, gives you a chance to work on your physical body while enjoying the lovely surroundings. But it does have an ugly side effect: sweat.

Nothing is worse than the smell of sweat and loaded on cologne. Overuse of cologne (or aerosol deodorant, shockingly) is a big issue for some men, combining that with sweat from the summer heat creates an almost noxious aroma that can repel any potential mates.

Flip Flops Outside a Beach or Pool

Flip flops are meant to be worn around a pool or beach. Or waterpark. Or wading pool. You get the idea. Wearing items that were created for a specific purpose outside of its intended use can create a lot of fashion confusion. Skip flip flops outside the wet zone, especially if you’re wearing long pants. Please stop this trend and keep flip flops where they belong.

White Socks with Dress Shoes

Although this mistake isn’t limited to summer it is still worth mentioning. White socks in general should be used with caution. When pairing shoes and socks you should always consider the occasion, fit, and impression. White socks with dress shoes is definitely not the impression you should be making on a partner or colleague at work.

Too Much Branding

Congratulations, you can afford to buy brand names!

The problem arises with brands that highlight the fact they are expensive by slapping logos on every inch of space. One tip for men who can afford to buy expensive fashion house clothing is finding pieces that are made well and look great rather than showing that the clothing is expensive therefore makes you look great. Keeping humble with your use of branding can save you looking like the cast of Jersey Shore.

Alexandra Stavroullakis is freelance writer and journalist. She enjoys music, fashion, movies and all things creative. She has a diploma in journalism from Niagara College and works as a part-time portrait photographer.


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