A Solution for the Demand in Hand Sanitizer

We all know that washing our hands and using hand sanitizer is a top priority right now; however, finding a hand sanitizer that’s in stock is a particular challenge. And hoping to find one that doesn’t contain toxic ingredients is an even bigger feat. A husband and wife team from … Read More

Michael J Fox

Michael J. Fox Is America’s Favorite Canadian

There’s a bit of tension between Canada and the United States these days due to differing trade policies and other factors, but many Americans still consider Canada an ally and a friendly country. In a new poll by YouGov, Americans overwhelming chose Michael J. Fox as their favorite celebrity. Seventy-three … Read More

Parks Canada

Yup, Canadians Really Do Love Parks, Survey Finds

Parks Canada carried out a $150,000 survey and found what most people already knew: Canadians enjoy visiting parks. “Whatever the inspiration for it, enjoyment from the visit was almost universal at 94 percent, with the enjoyment of the natural beauty and scenery topping the list of parks visitors,” according to … Read More

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