Dr. Marten Montreal

To welcome the recently opened Dr. Martens store in Montreal, we caught up with Kevin Diehl, U.S. Marketing Manager, about what makes these shoes an irreplaceable staple in any man’s wardrobe. Whether he’s owned a pair himself, it’s a pivotal point in a man’s life when he realizes the prowess of Dr. Martens. Both iconic and rebellious, there’s something to this footwear that extends beyond keeping the spring in your step.

Diehl suggests it could do with the rich history — few shoes have such heritage out of the box. The classic 1460 model, first released in the 1960s embodies the Dr. Marten feel. First claimed by punks and New Wave musicians, these boots are the most popular style, and rightly so. Simple, eight-eyelet design allows for year-round wear and tear, the leather barely scuffed by your devil-may-care lifestyle.

But let’s face the music: we can’t all be ruffians. At least, not all the time.

The updated styles have moved past the traditional hooliganism with which Docs are sometimes associated.

“The modern man does not have a specific style,” Diehl says. “Instead, he uses his wardrobe to express his individuality.” New Oxfords like the Steed add a sense of refinement the timeless boots seem to lack. The versatility to dress up or dress down nearly every shoe or boot plays into the everlasting promise of Dr. Martens’ success.

One of Diehl’s favourite aspects is exactly that. “We don’t need to have one specific style of man in mind when we develop the range.”

Whether dapper or delinquent, sport ‘em how you want.

Looking for your first pair or restocking on favourites? Check out the new spot in town at 1383 St. Catherine St. W., 514-985-2727

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