How to Maintain Your Beard

Guess what, we’re not here to tell you that beards are “in.”

We’re not going down that cliché route, no way. You’re smart, you’re aware of current trends; of what gentlemen like Ryan Reynolds and Idris Elba are prone to wearing on their handsome faces to make them even more irresistible to fans and the press. You probably already knew all the hype about beards, right?

So we’re not going to bore you with reasons why you should grow one. Instead, we’re going to excite you with ways to maintain it, so that you can look in the mirror and say “that red carpet actor’s got nothing on this.”

However, taking care of your beard isn’t as easy as learning how to use an electric trimmer. Here are a few items that you should have near you to keep that facial forest growing strong. Hollywood strong.

Beard Oil

Never heard of it? Well, you’re welcome. Beard oil acts as a bonafide conditioner for your soon-to-be masterful mug of follicles. It will tame any stray frizz, soften the hairs and most importantly, moisturize the skin. Most often they come in appealing scents, thanks to the infusion of essential oils (like cedar wood and lemongrass)—so not only will your beard take on a healthy sheen, but it’ll smell great too.

This beard oil from Jack Black features Kalahari melon oil ($25) for fast absorbing hydration.

Beard Balm

It’s the more rustic first cousin of beard oil. Beard balm is a waxy styling conditioner to use when your beard grows long enough that you want it to rock a bit of a light-weight hold. Most balms contain shea butter which gives your beard a more thickened look. Just like the oil, most balms also complement your hairs with a ravishing scent.

In the case of this Backwoods beard balm ($23), you’ll be walking away with the smell of cedar wood.

Beard Wash

It’s a safe bet that you’re probably using some generic bar of soap or shampoo to wash your beard in the shower. Next time, try a designated beard wash product. They help to make sure that your face doesn’t dry out, while leaving your beard soft and clean.

Kalamazoo cleanser ($23) features fresh pineapple juice, which is packed with enzymes to cleanse away dirt from skin.

Beard Comb

A beard comb is your best friend as you continue to grow your beard and prep it for styling and trimming. The comb allows you to clean your beard to keep it in prime condition. It’ll work out the tangles when your moustache gets too wiry and also keep it uniform. Did we mention it’s pocket sized?

This number from Baxter of California ($22) is perfectly sized and features a body and teeth made from cellulose acetate, which much smoother than plastic.

Jeremy Singer is a freelance writer and reporter from Toronto. He has a journalism degree from Ryerson University, and enjoys covering all aspects of men’s lifestyle and pop culture. He hopes to one day try on an $8,000 suit but not buy it, because he’s afraid of commitment. Feel free to contact him on Twitter or at his website(

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