Indochino’s New Flagship Store in Toronto

Indochino, the online phenomena that has so impressed us with their travelling tailor and their tailoring in general, is putting down roots. That’s right: as of August 1st, you can visit Indochino at their new King Street West digs. That’s 425, King Street West, to be precise.

According to CEO Kyle Vucko, “Our pop-up events introduced guys to the Indochino way of getting styled, measured, and dressed. We want to extend that experience with the showroom and develop long-term relationships with our guys by helping them to perfect the fit of their garment and build a unique wardrobe over time.”

What’s he mean by that? Well, Indchino’s new home isn’t just some off-the-rack operation. You make an appointment (see here), and a personal Style Guide will expertly measure you, talk you through styling advice, and help create your bespoke suit, which you can pick up four weeks later. Remember, quality takes time.

The new store will be open and exclusively display Indochino’s fall collection. Can’t wait? Use neither. Check out their summer styles in the mean time.

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