J. Lindeberg Comes to Toronto

Nestled amid the many storefronts occupying Queen West arrives a new retailer, an international outlet with an interest in both the professional and the playful. The Swedish clothing company J. Lindeberg has found home in the fashionable part of Toronto, looking to make their mark with lines that cater to the businessman and businesswoman, at the office, on the greens, or on the slopes.

“A J. Lindeberg customer can buy his suit for work and his shorts for golf,” explained Christine Taylor, the store manager of the first J. Lindeberg shop in the city. The location at 433 Queen West, just east of Spadina on the south side, is a flagship store of the company founded in 1997, boasting a golf and ski collection, with spring around the corner.

While the area boasts a plethora of international retailers, from H&M to Zara, American Eagle to French Connection, Taylor and her colleagues believe there is both an opportunity and a market for J. Lindeberg.

“The area is grossly under-served by retailers in our category. The example set for us by the highly successful New York J. Lindeberg shop, located in similar surroundings (SoHo), made Queen West an ideal location for us,” said Taylor.Like Queen West itself, J. Lindeberg speaks to a diverse clientele ranging in ages, sizes, and tax brackets.”

With stores around Europe and the United States as well, it was only a matter of time before making its way to Canada and Toronto specifically, where its products looks to appeal to the crowds that head to the slopes in the winter and off to the country in the summer.

“J. Lindeberg is modern, relatable, and wearable,” continued Taylor. “[It] is neither a timeless classic nor is it fast fashion; this alone allows for the JL brand to be a stand-out success on Queen West.”

Upon entering, the guest is greeted with a clean, bright, and welcoming atmosphere; there is that right balance between having enough space to maneuver and having enough clothing to browse. Having opened in the fall, the flagship store will serve to release the latest lines catering to both those living and working in the west end. While there is no shortage of options in this part of the city, confidence runs high with this endeavor.

“J. Lindeberg is set apart from others in the area in that its identity is one that includes a range,” concluded Taylor. “JL as a brand encompasses many facets of lifestyle, all within one brand in one location.”


Anthony Marcusa is a Toronto-based freelance journalist whose writing dabbles in film, TV, music, sports, and relationships – though not necessarily in that order. He’s simultaneously youthfully idealistic and curmudgeonly cynical. You can follow him on Twitter @MrAnthonyWrites.

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