J. Lindeberg Comes to Toronto

Nestled amid the many storefronts occupying Queen West arrives a new retailer, an international outlet with an interest in both the professional and the playful. The Swedish clothing company J. Lindeberg has found home in the fashionable part of Toronto, looking to make their mark with lines that cater to … Read More

Lucid Cocktail & Kitchen

For a while, it’s seemed that Toronto’s food scene might forever outpace its beverage counterpart. Consumers care deeply about the origin and quality of their meals but continue to pass an evening ordering watered-down vodka sodas and horrible overly sweet concoctions served in martini glasses with names like The Jolly … Read More

Toronto’s Indie Coffee Chains

It’s easy to see why Toronto’s “third-wave” indie coffee boom is still going strong. Aside from their indie rock playlists, free WiFi and expertly crafted artisan espresso drinks, it’s simply nice to have an alternative to Starbucks. But at what point does an independent café stop being “indie”? The success … Read More

Oliver Spencer: British Style in Toronto

Last month, when British label Oliver Spencer opened shop in Toronto, life got a whole lot easier for time-crunched, style-savvy guys. Menswear Row – the short block of Queen West that’s already home to Fred Perry and Ruins (not to mention DailyXY’s de facto HQ, Cloud Espresso Bar) – became … Read More

Toronto’s Best Tattoo Parlours

Once the domain of sailors, Russian mobsters and Maori warriors, tattoos have become unquestionably mainstream. Even if you’re not committing to that full-neck scorpion – and you’re skipping this weekend’s Toronto Tattoo Show at the Hilton – you might be considering something subtle and tasteful. Before you take the permanent … Read More

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