J. Lindeberg Comes to Toronto

Nestled amid the many storefronts occupying Queen West arrives a new retailer, an international outlet with an interest in both the professional and the playful. The Swedish clothing company J. Lindeberg has found home in the fashionable part of Toronto, looking to make their mark with lines that cater to … Read More

Luxury Discounts

Regardless of one’s income bracket, there’s something about hitting the right sale at the right time that spikes adrenaline and smells like victory. The good news: the era of online shopping has redefined the concept of, and need for, the event sale. Whether seeking merch online or at traditional bricks-and-mortar … Read More

You are invited? French Connection & DailyXY Shopping Event

DailyXY and French Connection are teaming up to provide you with an exclusive evening of shopping, tunes, cocktails and snacks. On Thursday, April 14, from 6 p.m.-9 p.m., you’re invited to browse the best of French Connection’s spring collection. Guests will enjoy a one-night-only discount of 30 percent off everything in … Read More

The Top 10 Scarves for Winter

In summer, scarves are risky; the line between flâneur and douchebag, after all, is fine. Come winter, however, scarves are indispensable – a surefire way to elevate an already elegant look, or add a pop of colour to winter’s darkest days. Here, 10 great winter scarves. 1. Cheap Monday, the … Read More

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