Review: Kent & Bond Body Brick Soap

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Here’s a short list of reasons we love bar soap.

It’s simple. Our grandfathers would recognize it. Bar soap doesn’t require frantic or extreme marketing. If your bathroom contains a straight or double edge razor, a badger-hair brush, a leather dopp kit, or anything with natural wood grain, then it should have bar soap. Extreme body wash is for people with vibrating razors.

Of course, we can do a little better than our grandfathers’ soap, which is why Kent & Bond exists. They make a whole range of stuff like beard oil and deodorant, but today we’re looking at their body brick soap.

Three important things right off the bat: all the products are organic. You’ve probably heard that parabens, the most widely used preservative in cosmetics, have been linked to cancer. That’s why Kent & Bond doesn’t use them. Their philosophy is that organic ingredients are the surest way to avoid unnecessary exposure to harmful toxins.

The products are also handcrafted in the USA. They’re aged for three months, hand-cut, and pressed. The Kent & Bond logo is etched into the soap face. That obviously doesn’t really affect your bathing experience, but it’s a nice touch.

Finally, there’s an ethical component to Kent & Bond. For every product you buy, they donate one bar of soap to someone in need. That way, you can feel both physically and morally good about using this soap.

Now, on to the soap itself. Kent & Bond makes five types of their body brick soap.

Brisk Peppermint smells, of course, of peppermint, contains shea butter for a smooth lather, and leaves your skin feeling cool.

Charcoal Pine has a slight pine scent, contains pumice for exfoliation, and has activated charcoal, which’ll strip any impurities right out of your skin. Side note: if your buddy’s kid breaks open a glow stick and spills gunk on you, this is the soap you want in your corner.

Forest Musk smells like gin went camping. It contains ground up juniper for exfoliation.

Sweet Cedarwood smells like cedar with a touch of cinnamon. It’s also the most girlfriend-friendly of these soaps (we’re told). It has some chia seeds for exfoliation.

Finally, Ultramarine, which is inspired by the sea, has sort of a lemongrass meets driftwood scent. Also, it has sea salt and pumice for exfoliation.

All the base oils used in the body bricks are 100% certified organic. Also note that natural products are used for exfoliation—unlike, say, the microbeads used by major manufacturers.

You can buy a 6 oz. body brick for $14, and if you’re the kind of guy who likes to set it and forget it, you can ‘subscribe’ to a body bar and specify how often you’d like a new one delivered. If you’d prefer to try them all, you can get a sampler that contains smaller versions (1.25 oz.) of all five soaps for $15, or you can buy the whole collection for $65.

Our advice: get the sampler. There isn’t really a bad choice, and if you go the sampler route you can give them all a trial by shower. If only other problems in life were that simple, huh?


Here’s a fun alternative to buying soap: winning soap. Specifically, you can win one of five body bricks from Kent & Bond. How do you win soap? Easy: check out our Facebook page or Twitter feed. We’ve already posted this review there. Comment or tweet the scent you’re most interested in trying out. Next Tuesday, we’ll choose one winner per scent at random. Good luck!


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