Review: Brickell’s Travel Products

Some people love the idea of free grooming supplies at hotels. As for us, we can’t see getting excited about thimble sized shampoo and conditioner—besides, we like to know what we’re using. That’s why we’ve invested in some travel-sized grooming supplies from Brickell. What We Like The size, duh. 59mL … Read More

Review: Kent & Bond Body Brick Soap

Want to win some of this Kent & Bond soap? Check out our contest details below! Here’s a short list of reasons we love bar soap. It’s simple. Our grandfathers would recognize it. Bar soap doesn’t require frantic or extreme marketing. If your bathroom contains a straight or double edge … Read More

Fun at the Organic Fresh Air Store

Fun story: Fiji Water once ran ads saying “The label says Fiji because it’s not bottled in Cleveland”, causing Cleveland to test their tap water and prove that it’s better than Fiji. Yep, that happened. [youtube width=”640″][/youtube]

Boutique Grocery Stores in Toronto

Since the recession first hit, Toronto fine dining has swung decidedly downscale, with the city’s trendy eaters instead becoming enamored with “upscale” versions of traditionally unfussy, economical standbys like eggs, grilled cheese and hamburgers. A curious corollary is that middle class types are more than willing to pay inflated prices … Read More

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