Montreal’s Salon Sweet William

We all have our vices, but if looking your best isn’t in your top three, we suggest you do some soul-searching. A good haircut is for men who know what they want — men who take care of themselves and pride themselves on refined taste and their eye for aesthetics. Enter Salon Sweet William: Montreal’s solution to the oft-tedious experience of getting a trim.

Samantha Diamond, Bernardo Fernandez and Trent Lowther have been in the hairdressing industry for over a decade. Whether working in salons together or collaborating on fashion and film sets, the trio quickly learned that their dynamic was rare. They founded the space in 2010 and since then built a mini-empire of devout clientele.

The salon feels similar to a reading nook, library or café you call your own. Sweet William takes haircutting off your list of errands and offers an experience meant to be savoured.

Too many high-end barbers do the same thing wrong. They’re impersonal, pretentious — “Nobody wants to get their hair cut in a nightclub,” Lowther quips. Sweet William’s vision was to provide luxury barbering in an environment both friendly and professional. They’ve succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

With skill sets attuned to a “wide slice of humanity,” they invite men and women, old and young to their immaculately designed shop. Strewn across their coffee table are publications such as Monocle to flip through while you wait. We’ve admittedly shown up early simply to bask in the sun and catch up on international affairs.

Men’s cuts go for $45 and include the best head massage in town and notoriously delicious espresso from Union.

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