Review: Brickell’s Routines

Is the growing complexity of men’s grooming annoying the hell out of you? Don’t know where to start with skincare? Want something simple but effective? We hear that. So did Brickell, so they came up with their routines.

Basically, Brickell asks what your problem is and gives to a simple pair of products to sort out said problem. Is the aforementioned skincare your dilemma? Here’s the skincare routine. Want better hair? Hair routine. Not aging gracefully? Anti-aging routine.

What We Like

It’s simple. Women’s skincare regimens look like voodoo to us. We want to take care of our skin but don’t want to memorize an encyclopaedia worth of skincare knowledge and then drop thousands of dollars on hundreds of products. Thanks to Brickell, our routine has two steps. One, wash face with face wash. Two, put a little moisturiser on a clean face. It’s pretty sweet.

Scented vs. unscented. Most Brickell products come both ways. Don’t want to smell like a eucalyptus tree? You don’t have to.

Plenty of natural and organic ingredients. No petrochemicals, no sulfates, no parabens, no philthates, no synthetic fragrance, no TEA, no DEA, no glycols, no silicones, no PEGs.

Samples. Don’t know if you want to invest in a whole routine? Get a little sample kit for ten bucks. And they’ll email you ten bucks off your first full sized purchase.

Subscriptions! You can subscribe to a shampoo? You sure can. Brickell lets you say how often you want new stuff and they’ll automatically send it to you.

What We Don’t

Cross-border shopping. Not that we don’t like ordering stuff from the States (we love it, actually), but the Canadian dollar does make an already expensive product a bit tougher to justify. Ottawa, get on it!

The Bottom Line

We like simplicity, and Brickell manages to deliver a skincare routine that doesn’t make us feel like metrosexuals. No fuss grooming? We like it.

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