Review: Control GX

Going grey and don’t want to reach for hair dye just yet? I don’t blame you—those dye at-home kits can result in some very monotone hair that screams dye-job. A simpler way to get darker hair without said at-home dye, or heading off to the salon, is Control GX ($13), a shampoo that does double duty by also acting as a hair darkener.

How do you use it? Like normal shampoo.

Really? No muss no fuss? Well, you need to make sure to rinse your shower, otherwise it can stain your tile, but that’s about it. It’ll also stain your hands if you leave it on, but why would you do that?

Will it stain anything else? Yeah, your girlfriend’s white towels. Invest in a dark towel.

Will my hair look dyed? Your grey hairs will darken but you won’t get that monotone look you get with hair dye. Your hair will still have different tones, just not grey tones.



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