Review: Key Smart

Here’s a pretty important point about what makes a suit work: clean lines. No bulging, fabric bunching, or anything that interrupts the suit from hanging neatly from your frame. You can fix some issues yourself, what with working out and all, and your tailor can clean up most of the rest, but you still have one major hurdle: your every day carry.

Every guy has a few essentials he needs to make things happen—wallet, phone, and whatnot. You can’t get rid of them, but you can pare down. Swap a wallet for a billfold and upgrade to a slimmer phone. But until now, frustratingly, there was no good solution for keys. A key bulge ruins suit pants, keys jingling makes you sound like a janitor, and sorting keys from whatever else is in your pocket is sort of a mess.

And it’s not just suits. No word of a lie, I have a pair of jeans that are faded where my keys sit and a pair of khakis that developed a hole thanks to key bulge.

Enter Key Smart ($21). Basically, the device lets your turn your mess of keys into a kind of key pocket knife . . . or, like a pocket knife, but with keys. They’re all folded-up and organized. It took me a grand total of fifteen minutes to assemble the whole thing. It comes with a little loop to attach car keys too. If you want, you can even add a USB key ($10 starting) that comes in 8, 16, 32, and 64GB. Alternatively, here’s a bottle opener ($6).

But the bells and whistles are beside the point. Key Smart solves a very annoying set of problems in a simple, practical, and inexpensive way. It’s great, has quickly become my new favourite essential accessory, and there’s nothing more that needs saying.

Seriously, go buy one.

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