Review: Triumph & Disaster

Score one of the kind of man who likes an old-fashioned shave. As of this week, New Zealand old-fashioned skincare and grooming tools Triumph & Disaster are being sold in Canada, and we think it’s about damn time.

We say that because, prior to their Canadian debut, we got our grabby mitts on a couple of Triumph & Disaster products—and now we want the rest of ‘em.

Shearer’s Soap ($13) is gentle on the skin but has a scent sharp enough to wake you up in the morning. It’s also loaded with poppy seeds to aid in exfoliation, which are a damn sight better than those little plastic balls they put in lesser soaps and end up in the ocean.

Gameface Moisturizer ($53) is an aptly named delight. Its light botanical scent and gentle cool burn that’ll focus you before the big game—or big date, because who moisturizes before a game?—and a little goes a long way. It’s made from jojoba extract (which keeps it light and non-greasy), horopito (which is an antioxidant), and ponga (which has a tightening effect, and Maori warriors reportedly used it after battle, which is cool). No we can finally moisturize without smelling like a women’s washroom.

Triumph & Disaster has a whole range of other products launching (like old fashioned shave cream, ritual face cleanser, and rock & roll suicide volcanic ash & green clay face scrub), and you can find them online and in places that specialize in men’s grooming across Canada.

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