September in Style, Toronto

Finally, fashion’s favourite season is upon us. Gentlemen, let the refreshing fall breeze guide your choice of utilitarian military cuts, punchy detailing, and textured fabrics. Watch out for fall classics turned modern chic with leather buttons, pebbled leather elbows, and modest punches of colour in the detailing. Corduroy fashion editor Tim Chan says this fall is about that “pair of black or dark brown leather boots, soft enough for you to beat up but sturdy enough to last through winter as well,” and “a classic rain jacket or windbreaker, slightly looser and made of actual waterproof material.” From the boots to the jacket and everything in-between, these Toronto boutiques will cater to all your fall-fashion needs.

Nikita Stanley, assistant manager of Buckler’s Toronto location, says for this fall, “drop crotch cargos and military boots are key.” Andrew Buckler’s Fall ’11 collection has focused on utilitarian classics: the parka, the hooded sweat shirt, the aforementioned cargo pant and the jump boot. Expect to find navy, black and grey knits, woven dress shirts, tons of leather detail and modest punches of colour. This fall, Buckler has partnered with the Vintage Shoe Company to create the sturdy textured leather Belt Boot as well as the Derby Cap Toe dress shoe. Enhance your snore-worthy business attire with a Harris Tweed paneled jacket: a classic tweed jacket with humble plaid enhancements. The details make a big difference. 700 Queen St. W., 416-551-8441. $100+ for most items.

Oliver Spencer
What impresses a girl more than a man with great taste in shoes? A man with great taste in knit sweaters. Oliver Spencer’s Fall 11 collection includes an array of thick knit sweaters in warm and dark tones that “will probably be stolen by your girlfriend and never returned,” according to James Bui, manager of Oliver Spencer in Toronto. “Luxury, but with flexibility” — Brit designer Oliver Spencer makes clothes with rich high quality fabrics like his sheepskin Gilet and the Contrast Cuff Shirt, which adds a contrasting cuff to the classic plaid shirt. His fall collection also includes a selection of layering pieces like the popular “grandpa shirt” a long sleeve cotton top with a slim cut available in navy blue and oatmeal shades. In-demand items also include the striped crew sweaters and classic fall coats that range from leather bombers to longer military-style jackets and trench coats. 962 Queen St. W., 647-348-7673. $300+ for most items.

Fall is the perfect time to suit up. Gotstyle is a King Street West haven for original high quality suits. Carrying a variety of Canadian and international brands like Tiger of Sweden, Ted Baker, Zegna, Ben Sherman and Toronto’s Haight & Ashbury as well as tailoring services, the store has a suit to fit most styles and sizes (or at the very least clean up that messy summer shag with their in-house barber shop). Owner Melissa Austria has made an effort to get men to push those jeans to the back of their closets and instead go for bottoms made from traditional fabrics and modern cuts. She has also chosen pieces using colours like royal blue, purple and deep teal to resurrect men’s fashion from its typical neutral palette. Trim-fit suits and eye-popping ties are must-haves for fall. The boutique carries many Canadian designers and its private label suit collection is manufactured close to home in Montreal. Most suits range from the $400 – 750 mark. 60 Bathurst St., 416-260-9696. $300+ for most items.

Uncle Otis
This petit Toronto boutique has endured ups and downs in the Yorkville area for over 20 years, growing and maturing with age. Their fall line focuses on collaborations with Canadian designers such as a branded hatchet with Base Camp X, back-buckle jeans with Naked and Famous, a revamped constable coat with Canada Goose, and a blended wool vest with Klaxon Howl. Uncle Otis will be exclusively selling Sydney’s house label, KIN, for the fall; among many other items from KIN, watch out for the perfect basic button-down white shirt, designed durable enough for men in any profession. Their top seller is raw denim, available in a variety of brands and cuts. 26 Bellair St., 416-920-2281. $100+ for most items.

Image courtesy of John A. Ryan Photography.

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