Comedy Clubs in Montreal

As the comedy capital of Canada, Montreal boasts a large selection of venues and comics alike. Perhaps most important is the fact that all the venues are superb and the comics talented (well, most of them). Whether you’re looking to escape from Montreal’s bar scene or you simply have a sweet tooth for humour, the following picks really pack a punchline.

Ernie Butler’s Comedy Nest
Regardless of which night you attend, you’re in for a treat. Wednesdays at the Comedy Nest are open mic; for a small entry fee, anyone can step up to test a routine on an attentive audience. If you’re looking to stay seated and avoid the amateurs, Thursdays through Saturdays are booked with local talent as well as other touring Canadian comedians (mostly hailing from Toronto and Ottawa). Visit Comedy Nest’s website to learn about their Dinner and a Show deal with restaurant Burgers & Benedicts. 514-932-6378, 2313 St. Catherine St. W.

Comedy Works

One of the smaller comedy venues in Montreal, Comedy Works creates an environment where laughter can’t help but be contagious. You may want to pay attention to which day you make your reservations — and we suggest reservations — as Comedy Works also puts on an open mic night, as well as two days of improv performances. Located in the heart of downtown, the venue is conveniently steps away from the restaurants and bars of nearby Crescent St., making it an easy alternative for dessert. 514-398-9661, 1238 Bishop St.

Théâtre Ste-Catherine
On most nights at Théâtre Ste-Catherine, you can find something of interest, be it theatre, dance, or comedy in both French and English. On Sundays specifically you can find what’s been heralded as Montreal’s best comedy weekly. In a challenge to stay in the performance, improv artists act out scenes, which are then voted on by the audience. The lowest-scoring comedian is eliminated until there is one left standing — which is a safe way of participating in the night without the fear of bruising your ego. 514-284-3939, 264 St. Catherine St. E.

Just For Laughs
While the official 2011 Just For Laughs festival is over, the organization attracts year-round performances from the hottest names in comedy. They produce a range of acts including solo comics, multi-comic tours, and concept shows such as Family Guy Live. Though not necessarily a club, Just For Laughs serves as a stamp of approval on any comedy night, and has the wallet to bring in seriously big laughs. Coming up at the end of September is Bill Maher, the mastermind behind HBO’s Real Time, who is infamous for his backhanded honesty and sardonic wit. 1-888-244-3155.

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  1. There are also various regular shows at other venues. Le Bistro du Parc des Princes is home to several. Every second Thursday, Benjamin Marquis has an hour-long show in French. As well, every first Wednesday of every month, Jessica Salomon hosts an English language show with various comedians on the same stage. Next one is September 7 and will feature Mike Patterson.
    You can also go to for other independent shows in Montreal that run on a regular basis.
    Restaurant Copacabana is home to another new regular show. Next one is this coming Saturday, August 27 and will feature Dave Merheje, the recent winner of the Just for Laughs Homegrown Competition.

    Links and resources:
    On Twitter:
    Jessica Salomon is thejsals
    Paul Ash is Comedian_Ash
    Devil Dan Derkson is egoslut

    Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of those shows. I am just a comedy fun.

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