Slush Stompers

If you’re a Canadian guy who plans on going outside between, say, November and March, you’re going to need a good pair of boots. A waterproof and, preferably, warm pair of boots.

The Aussie-based Blundstone has been around forever (since 1870, to be precise), but it’s only this year that they started offering something that can stand up to a true Canadian winter. The *ahem* Winter takes the classic Blunnie, lines it with 200 gram Thinsulate and pads your frozen soles with a luxurious sheepskin footbed. An ice blue Blundstone logo on the pull straps is the only thing that outwardly distinguishes it from its warm weather brethren.

I got the chance to pick up a pair in Rustic Brown and, to be honest, they’ve barely left my feet since. While ‘Stones don’t scream “look at me ” — the understated, unadorned design hints at a universal appeal which has grown a tad ubiquitous  — damned if they’re not comfortable.

When stepping out in the snow, it’s like my feet are snug in bed. It’s been awhile since I’ve owned a pair of slippers, but on cold mornings these boots more than suffice. Comfort shock rubber soles ensure the vibrations through the floorboards don’t drive my downstairs neighbour up the wall (though my feet are too cozy to care).

For under $200, it’s tough to find a durable, decent-looking boot with more functional versatility. From slushy city pub crawls to muddy dog walking at the cottage, it seems Australians know Canadians surprisingly well.

Get ’em at The Australian Boot Company, 698 Queen St. W., Toronto.

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