Slush Stompers

If you’re a Canadian guy who plans on going outside between, say, November and March, you’re going to need a good pair of boots. A waterproof and, preferably, warm pair of boots. The Aussie-based Blundstone has been around forever (since 1870, to be precise), but it’s only this year that they started … Read More

Hot Weather Footwear for Guys

Summer weather calls for comfort — shorts to let the legs breathe and beaten-up oxfords that fit your body. But in trying to stay cool, guys often make the mistake of wearing hideous flip-flops (even more so when their feet are in a state of disrepair). Step up your style game … Read More

DailyXY’s 2011 Gift Guide: Editor’s Picks

Undoubtedly, a perk of editorial rank is ease of access to merchandise from a tremendous variety of categories, including luxury, tech and simply new. Many items that come through our offices impress, but below is my year-end list of selections that didn’t just catch my attention — they commanded it. … Read More

The Summer’s Best Flip-Flops

Ask Mr. Smith, and he’ll tell you that flip-flops are decidedly inelegant, appropriate for the beach, the yard, and not much else. Still, there’s no denying that flip-flops are a summer essential, and even if you only wear them on the dock, you know well that there’s no holiday from … Read More

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