Summer swimsuit do’s and don’ts

Summer is in full swing! If that statement doesn’t send you running for your nearest beach, sort out your priorities. After a long winter indoors it’s a daunting task to strip down and bare the beach bod, so here are a few do’s and don’ts to help you find your summer swimsuit.

Do: Asses your Assets

Realistically, not many men look like Ryan Gosling in a swimsuit—and that’s completely fine. Women do enjoy a sculpted body, but we appreciate your confidence much more. Choosing something you feel attractive in can do wonders for your self-confidence, and you always feel better when you look nice. Before you run to the store, you must realistically think about your body type and find a fit that works accordingly.

Don’t: Banana Hammocks

Speedos, although they are popular in many European countries, are not really doing anything for you in North America. I like the idea of having a little bit of mystery when I meet a guy . . . and trust me, speedos entail exactly no mystery.

Do: Dare to Bare (to a Degree)

When it comes to finding a swimsuit you feel comfortable wearing in front of others you have to determine how much skin is too much for you. Most men will opt for a longer surfer trunk because of the comfort and conservative nature but some choose to bare a bit more. Recently many of the male fashion stores have been carrying tighter mid thigh trunks for the more experimental male. These tighter shorts (similar to a boxer brief) are not the worst idea if you are interested in trying something different . . . ahem, hint: try something different.

Maybe: Olympian Trunks

I know this doesn’t help very much but I cannot say for sure my opinion on Olympian trunks (these things—warning: crotch). After watching hours of Olympic swimming you learn to appreciate a man who can pull ‘em off. I personally don’t think I would be drawn to a man wearing trunks if I saw him out at the beach, but if you are an athletic swimmer (with a bod to match) and swear by your trunks, wear them with pride.

Do: Manscaping and Wax (oh my)

For those of you looking at the word manscaping and wondering what the heck it could be, oh you are in for a treat. Manscaping is the male equivalent to a bikini wax. That does not mean you should completely wax everything—simply it means you should consider cleaning up any extra hair or overgrown areas (example: overgrown areas). When wearing a tighter swimsuit extra hair can sometimes (read: always) be noticeable and it is not a very attractive thing to see. In addition to your lower region you should consider your body hair. Back, shoulder, and overgrown chest hair can be messy considering trimming or waxing certain problem areas can help clean up your beach body.

Alexandra Stavroullakis is freelance writer and journalist. She enjoys music, fashion, movies and all things creative. She has a diploma in journalism from Niagara College and works as a part-time portrait photographer.

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