The Overnight Guide to Owning a Real Apartment

The sometimes rough transition between your college life and your professional life requires a lot of personal change. Things like waking up early, taking fitness seriously and realizing a better diet are a few starting places for most men in their twenties or early thirties, and seem most obvious when trying to make the present distinct from the past.

Something that can go unnoticed as you’re acclimatizing to the work-life hustle of being a professional is your home. Within, find quick tips to upgrade your bachelor wasteland into a an upscale abode overnight.


A well-lit space is hard to beat. Lighting affects atmosphere, the ability to concentrate and helps regulate mood. If you’re blessed with massive windows—congrats and kudos—but not all living spaces are made equal. And even so, once the sun goes down, we’re all in the same pitch-black boat. Instead of relying on the on-hand and often bleak light sources around your place, let’s go with something a little more intimate and handsome. Money might not buy you happiness, but it helps outfit your apartment with the proper illumination it needs. We suggest lamps by the Manhattan Project, a design studio out of Philly ($95-170).


A telltale sign of college life is haphazardly placed posters—be it your timeless fave of Bob Marley, or a portrait of Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange. Oddly, the content of the poster is not what signals immaturity—in fact, that vintage print of Nick Carter really says something about your individuality. How posters are installed, on the other hand, showcases craftsmanship. We recommend going with gallery-quality, Canadian company AS Hanging for all your picture, poster or illustration hanging needs ($60+).


When we think of the subtleties of décor, we might imagine Granny’s potpourri or recall the hours a girlfriend toyed with the placement of a mirror. Gone are the days where subtle means meaningless—it can, and does, connote the sense of refinement so often absent from our lives during the more studious years. We find where men lack subtlety most is in their bathrooms. While hygiene is, at its core, about cleanliness—having a proper set of toiletries actually manifests your attention to personal care. We love famed Warby Parker’s side project, Harry’s, for razors and shaving cream ($20). To pair with Harry’s, we recommend the Aesop x Mr Porter Dapper Gentleman grooming kit, the highest-end of personal hygiene on the market ($135).

Photo courtesy of Lima Pix

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