The Summer Accessory Check-List

Sun. Beach. Patio drinks.

It’s summer fellas. It obviously requires a bit of a readjustment for your style, and like every season, it requires a new check list of necessary items before you head out the door. Here’s our top picks at Daily XY:


Summer is one of the those seasons which requires and allows a few selections of shoes. You’ll have your sneakers and sandals, but then comes in the every day stylish boat shoe. Take these Sperry’s for reference; you can rock them with everything from shorts to jeans to khakis. And there’s a whole bunch of colors available these days. Whatever floats your boat. Get it? Foat your boat? Boat shoe? Men’s Sperry Top-Sider ($300).

Sperry's Top Sider


By now, hopefully you’ve noticed that wearing hats doesn’t just include baseball caps. There’s plenty of workable options to choose from, including the good’ole fedora. You know, the one rocked by Jason Mraz? He’s got the “casual yet stylish bluesy man” in spades. And of course, the fedora pairs well with pretty much any situation that the season will throw at you, whether a casual day at the beach or a key date night on the town. Goorin Bros has a nice example. Fedora Cahoots, Goorin Bros ($55).

Goorin Bros Fedora


The perfect pair of shades is like that great spice you can’t barbecue without. It’s just makes everything taste that much better. Most of your summer outfit pieces will have other options to choose from, but all men need that one stand-out pair of sunglasses to help channel their inner rock star. Let’s say Top Gun. Yeah, to channel their inner “Top Gun.” And what better option than going with the classic. The Ray-Ban Aviator has been around for decades and presents a timeless look. Ray-Ban Aviator ($145).

Ray-Ban Aviators


You’ll be out and about this season, whether it be going to the cottage for a weekend or a day at the beach. This means that you need a good carry bag for that short excursion. There’s plenty of big names to choose from, but we’re going to go with some homegrown Canadian talent like Sully Wong. As the folks there put it, this Micro Traveler bag is “ideal for the everyday and  overnight adventurer.” That’s you. Sully Wong Micro-Traveller ($ – inquire within).

SullyWong bag

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