How to dress like a million bucks, on the cheap

You’re a go-getter. You’ve got big ambitions. And wherever you go – whether it’s a job interview, a pitch meeting or meeting up at the bar – you want to look good. After all, clothing makes the man, they say. But there’s one big problem: clothing can get real expensive … Read More

The Summer Accessory Check-List

Sun. Beach. Patio drinks. It’s summer fellas. It obviously requires a bit of a readjustment for your style, and like every season, it requires a new check list of necessary items before you head out the door. Here’s our top picks at Daily XY: Shoes Summer is one of the … Read More

5 First-Date Fashion Tips

When I used to go on dates, I was such a superficial piece of work that I’d only check out the man’s shoes and the size of his bulge, and judge him based on that. Kidding! OK, kidding about the bulge. But I would’ve looked at shoes and at his … Read More

Car extras

The Extras, Part I

What’s worth your dollar? After scores of extended drives in different compacts, sedans, crossovers, SUVs and trucks, I’ve assembled a list of what I deem essential amongst those extras your car dealer offers — and what to leave off. Ignore this at your own financial peril. The sunroof often goes … Read More

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