Poll: Does Marriage Matter?

Housewives, it’s fair to say, just aren’t what they used to be. Indeed, the institution of marriage has evolved dramatically over the past couple generations. We want to know: Does marriage even matter anymore? How do you feel about tying the knot, doing the dishes and cooking dinner?

Please, take a moment to answer a few quick questions about the state of marriage today. Be honest. Your answers are absolutely anonymous and totally confidential.

Look for the results in next Tuesday’s XX on XY.

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2 thoughts on “Poll: Does Marriage Matter?”

  1. This is a tough one….I was determined not to have the traditional marriage of mum and dad’s ilk when I tied the knot 20 years ago. But after two sons (now 16 and 4), I am completely outnumbered, and my role as chef, maid, whore is solidified and unbreakable. I consider it my failure alone (bad martyr complex..) that my men are totally sweet but totally unhelpful; they are aflicted with terrible kitchen blindness and dyslaundria. They might notice the bathroom if I left it for several months, but not sure if they would care. At the hospital where I work the doc describes how his whole family (5 kids) wakes up on Saturday morning and they all pitch in to clean everything, and keep going until it’s done. Of course, this makes me even more depressed! Is it my fault they take me completely for granted? I love them all madly, and focus on how great my family is otherwise, what a fantastic partner I have (and have to remember all the crap around our homestead HE does), and my delightful boys. And I try no to think too much about what might have been otherwise….I just keep this fav quote of Garrison Keillor’s at hand: “Some luck lies in not getting what you wanted, but getting what you have, which, once you have got it, you may be smart enough to see it is what you would have wanted, had you known.”

    Marriage is so worth it, but I can understand if people are scared shitless to have kids, and wouldn’t blame my boys at all if they declared no kids in their futures. Damn biological urges!

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