Who Is Calgary’s Best Tailor?

Behind every great man, they say, is a great woman. But the truth is, there’s a great tailor there, too.

Because every man is different, and a good tailor understands that. He knows that no matter how much you spend on a suit, you won’t look like a million bucks until it’s tweaked to make you look your finest. In his hands, a $200 suit can look like a $1200 suit. Without him, that $1200 suit may look like a $200 suit.

But finding the right tailor isn’t easy. The high-end retailers may have some masterful tailors in-house, but you need someone non-partisan; someone without any allegiances that could interfere with his single, all-important goal: making you look your best.

If you’re fortunate enough to have such a man in your life, then please, help your fellow readers by telling us about him. We’re asking you, the guys of Calgary, to send us a few words about the greatest tailor (or tailors) that you know. We’ll include him in a soon-to-launch GuyMap of the city’s finest tailors, complete with feedback from you, our natty readers.

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9 thoughts on “Who Is Calgary’s Best Tailor?”

  1. Giovanni Nicoletti on 37th Street S.W.
    The Tailor Shop
    1906 37th St SW

    The best Tailor in Calgary.
    Amazingly, Giovanni does full bespoke – he showed me an article in the National Post’s companion insert (not sure what issue) about Savile Row. One of the inset boxes listed stores in Canada where you can find full bespoke, and Giovanni was the only store west of Toronto.

    Pretty friendly guy who can set you straight; you’ll get good recommendations. In my opinion, Calgary is very fortunate to have him. With out a doubt, he is a world class tailor; old school, apprenticed at Valentino. Thanks to word of mouth, he does great business around the world. I have a suit and a sports jacket fully bespoke from Giovanni and I have a closet full of high end Italian made suits and jackets (Brioni, Zegna, Belvest, Sartorio … ) to compare it to – believe me there is no comparison, the fit and quality is the best. The guy is truly an artist; plus, it’s affordable (of course depending on your fabric choice).

  2. I used to be a loyal client of big department stores Harry Rosen and Holt Renfrew until the day (in Fall of 2008) I met my tailor , Arthur Der Shahinian from Montreal. He owns a small, yet very specialized tailor shop in Montreal and he’s in town about 5-6 times a year. He comes in with either of his two sons and they bring a ton of fabric swatches as well as actual bolts of fabrics. By the way, they have an amazing variety of fabrics and the highest quality too including some exquisite shirting materials from Switzerland and great fabrics for suiting. They have a pretty impressive list of clients from the area, including many CEOs, executives and attorneys. Until today, I have ordered a sports jacket and 4 suits as well as a couple dozen shirts and ties (which they also bring along). I am truly amazed at the level of craftsmanship, the consistently perfect fit (I don’t have regular proportions and nothing off-the-rack fits!) from day one as well as their level of knowledge and their capability to understand my needs and advise with the right products, fabrics, colors and patterns. They can even visit your office but I prefer going at their hotel suite where they will have actual sample garments, bolts of fabrics and a laid back environment where I feel comfortable doing my shopping. THey also have a pretty impressive website (www.arthurinc.ca) where they put up their travel schedule. Last time I spoke to them, they had planned their visits for Septemeber 8-10, then sometime in mid-October and November. They’re so committed to their clientele that they recently got a new 403 area code number (403-668-6866). Give them a call, you won’t regret it.

  3. LGFG Fashion House is a local group that does suits for several men (and women I hear) at our office. I’ve had 2 suits made with 4 shirts as part of a package offer and I am very pleased with the service.

  4. I actually met up with Arthur I believe in April. I already had some prior experience doing custom-made but these guys were definitely different, they take the experience to a different level. The others didn’t even come close in terms of personal service, fabric selection, fit, these guys are true tailors, not just salesmen or agents. They are the actual makers of your garments so they KNOW what they’re talking about. THey blew my mind with the amount of details that they consider in regards to my needs. They took like 25 measurements for my shirts alone. I started with an order of 6 shirts and was extremely satisfied. They prepared for me a try on shirt during their next trip which they pinned up and adjusted to perfection, then they made my first shirt and sent it to me…tried it out a few times and it was perfect! Then they sent me the rest of the order once they knew I was completely happy with it. Next time they’re in town, which is in a couple of weeks, I will look into a couple of suits or sports jackets. Check them out http://www.arthurinc.ca/calgary.

  5. Giovanni Nicoletti on 37th Street S.W. The Tailor Shop1906 37th St SW403-246-2735
    Made to measure clothing that’s absolutely unbelievable. Lapels and seams were hand stiched. He stocks beautiful fabrics from which he crafts Bespoke suits for men and women. Giovanni is a master tailor and a pleasure to deal with.

  6. I use Henry’s Tailoring at one of his two locations. His suits are are timeless and he gives honest feedback when designing one.


    Heritage Plaza
    D9 8330 Macleod Trail SW
    Calgary, AB
    (403) 458-4472

    Marda Loop
    2030 34 Ave SW
    Calgary, AB
    (403) 452-3919

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