Accidental Deaths and Being Single

Being single objectively sucks; you get paid less, you’re more likely to have to work over the holidays, and now, there’s some evidence that you’re more likely to die of accidental death.

The study, published in in Social Science Research, performed a statistical analysis of all the US accidental deaths from 1986 to 2006, looking at marital status. For some types of accidental death, such as commercial airline crashes, the rates of death between single and married people were the same. However, other causes like poisoning, choking, and house fires, claimed far more single people than married people, presumably because having someone around to hold the fire extinguisher when you decide to screw up deep frying a turkey.

So, what hope does a single guy have? Either get married, get roommates, or start living a genteel danger-free life. Which is like being married, we guess.


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