stephen hawking

Remembering Stephen Hawking And His Controversial Legacy

Stephen Hawking, one of the universe’s most magnificent scientists since Albert Einstein, passed away on March 14, 2017, at age 76. Hawking made huge strides in the world of physics and shed light on the murky world of black holes or “celestial death traps” as he called them, along with … Read More

holding Hands

Here’s Why You Should Hold Your Partner’s Hand

If your partner is in pain, the simple act of holding hands will help ease his or her suffering. Holding hands syncs up people’s heart rates and brain wave patterns. The more empathy someone feels for their partner, the more their brain waves connect, which helps the pain go away, … Read More

The Science of Opinion or the Opinion of Science?

The science of opinion or the opinion of science? For Canadians, it’s a matter of perspective. Recent survey suggests the line between fact or fake blurrier than ever “…these are worrisome results,” said Maurice Bitran, Chief Executive Officer of the Ontario Science Centre, which commissioned the survey for Science Literacy … Read More

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