Bad Deeds, Good Flowers

You’ve committed dirty deeds (done real cheap). It’s time to tell your girl how sorry you are, with some quality blooms. To help you with gestures large and small, we’ve picked our favourite florists in the city. But, for the record, if you’re only ever buying flowers because you’ve done something stupid or insensitive: evolve! A nice gesture goes a long, long way.

Get Fresh Flowers: Located in the centre of Davie Village and specializing in the freshest of freshly plucked blooms, this store also does houseplants and houseware (just in case the bouquet won’t quite do it). While you might opt for the standard dozen roses, these guys will design something to which no woman will say no. 1332 Davie Street, (604) 685-3500

Flower Factory: The smart, friendly staff will play Cyrano de Bergerac to your Christian de Neuvillette, helping you create the perfect arrangement. Imagine smooth monochromatic creations or vibrant, modern arrangements. Translation: they know what they’re doing and they personalize each bouquet. And they’ll wrap the bouquet and deliver it to her door, even helping you write that delicate note. 3604 Main Street, (604) 871-1008

Hillary Miles: If you’re ready to throw down the Gold Card, this shop in Kitsilano does some truly Wisteria Lane-style bouquets. They’re famous for their wedding day designs and their work on feature films. This is some spectacular stuff. Good luck. 1-1854 1st Avenue, (604) 737-2782

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