Blind Dates: Dos and Don’ts

It may not be the most romantic way to meet someone, but many great relationships start with a blind date. Obey the following dos and don’ts to ensure that the date is, at the very least, not horribly awkward.

Don’t: Go for coffee. There’s nothing worse than bearing conversational lulls in the sober light of day. Plus, most cafés are quiet enough to hear other people’s conversations—or lack thereof—adding further fuel to the self-conscious fire.

Do: Plan an activity. Having something to do will spark conversation – or at least diffuse awkwardness when you’ve run out of things to say. This could involve anything from playing Frisbee to going to an art gallery.

Don’t: Be a conversation hog. We want to hear about your job, your niece, your volunteer work in Africa—to a point. If your inclination is to babble when you’re nervous, resist. It’s a turnoff.

Do: Ask us about ourselves. We’re not there to interview you, so ask us specific questions about what we do, why we do it, how we got there. A man’s lack of interest in us is something we ladies often complain about.

Don’t: Go home with us. Even if the date was incredible, and we’re into it, doing it with a relative stranger could make things weird, or just kill the delicious anticipation. So don’t.

Do: Walk us to the requisite door/cab/subway station, and kiss us on the cheek—or lips, if there’s obvious chemistry and you’re feeling bold.

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2 thoughts on “Blind Dates: Dos and Don’ts”

  1. Let’s see—I have been online dating for 10 years, and probably 80% of the first meetings are for coffee, 75% end up with sex within two dates, I talk about both myself AND the girl, and NEVER turn down the offer to take the girl home (which 80% of the time turn into serious relationships). I agree about the activity part (it is always nice to have something to focus and fall back on) but I don’t see how the rest of these tips are relevant or true. (I should stipulate that a true BLIND date where you know NOTHING about the girl might be completely different; but a first date/meeting is still a first time meeting.)

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