How to Travel with Your Girlfriend

You’ve heard stories. A new-ish couple goes on their first trip together and returns with newly activated eHarmony accounts. Though seemingly counter-intuitive, a “romantic” getaway can suck bliss from a honeymoon phase faster than you can say “border control.” Before indulging fantasies of five-star, international sex-athons sprinkled with trips to the … Read More

Solutions for Her Low Sex Drive

Guys, we understand that when we tell you we just “haven’t been all that interested in sex lately,” it strikes to the core of your ego and wracks you with doubt about your ability to please any woman, ever. But that is your ego doing the talking. Popular psychology widely … Read More

When Your Girlfriend’s Freakier

So, you’re meat and potatoes, and your girlfriend wants to be wrapped in cellophane and spanked with a kitchen utensil. Or whatever. Basically: You and the woman you’re bedding diverge on the proverbial spectrum of kink — with you hovering in the neighbourhood of vanilla, which is leaving you feeling … Read More

4 Things You Should Never Do with Your Girlfriend, Drunk

A few beers downed, and the early-in-the-night inhibitions of a Friday can feel as distant as the sobering back-to-work shock of a Monday. When you’re single, booze-fueled missteps can lead to morning-after cringing. When you’re drinking for half of two — in other words, as part of a couple — the regrets … Read More

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