Breakup Etiquette in the 21st Century

You and your girlfriend have called it quits. Dealing with that reality might have been simpler if your relationship had unraveled ten years ago, before Facebook put your life — and hers — on display. As we learned from last week’s poll results, things can get sticky, fast. Here, some basic guidelines for keeping things civil in the Internet age.

Become Single Together
Facebook is a brutal way to tell your lady you feel the state of your relationship has changed. Before publicly going single or signing up for an open relationship, discuss the decision in private. (I hope that you discussed the decision to broadcast your relationship in the first place, too.)

Keep Therapy Private
Think twice about broadcasting your heartbreak, anger or relief in a status update. Chances are 790 of your 798 friends won’t care; you can tell the eight that do personally.

Bare It All
Unless your ex has a history of violent stalking, limiting her access to your accounts will make her think you have something to hide — and give her a chance to really earn the title “crazy ex.”

Rebound in 3D
Now that you’re single again, resist the temptation to start courting new interests on Facebook. Having your ex in the audience as you begin your next love affair will only complicate things.

What’s Yours Is No Longer Hers
Most importantly, if you ever privileged her with your passwords, make sure to change them. The temptation to snoop is powerful enough to overcome even the more honourable of ex-girlfriends.

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  1. People should just know this stuff… It drives me crazy that people put the most personal parts of their lives on Facebook!

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