Canada’s Most Promiscuous Cities

So, where are Canadians getting laid? Pretty much everywhere, but thanks to the site Seeking Arrangement, which sets up sugar daddies with sugar babies, we have a clearer picture. They polled some of their users and found that at a grand total of thirty-seven per cent of Canadian men claimed to have seven or more sexual partners per year—but that figure doubles in Toronto.

Of course, you might expect members of a dating site like Seeking Arrangement to be more promiscuous than the average Joe. And maybe that’s true. But we suspect the numbers still tell us something. So here’s the percentage of guys who say they’ve had seven or more partners in the past year:

Toronto — 79%
Victoria —76%
Gatineau — 73%
Surrey — 70%
Edmonton — 71%
Ottawa — 69%
London — 65%
Montreal — 64%
Vancouver — 63%
Quebec City — 62%

Given these numbers, we’re forced to ask: Toronto, what the hell are you always complaining about?



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