Cheating in the Same Room as Your Spouse

Think your partner would be a little sneaky about cheating? Think again: 64% of people will cheat via mobile device with their spouse in the same room.

A survey by Victoria Milan, otherwise known as that site that hooks up cheaters with cheaters, has found that a whopping 89% of the members they surveyed (11,050 people) will use smartphones or tablets to cheat on their spouse. Of the same, 64% will do so while their spouse is in the room with them. Despite this, only 12% are “very afraid” of getting caught. For the record, 75% are “somewhat afraid”.

So who’s being cautious? Well, 11% of those surveyed don’t use smartphones or tablets for their affairs and 13% never do so with their spouse in close proximity.

CEO of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, boasts: “Moving [flirting] from the desktop computer to mobile devices means our members can sext from the office, the car, or as we’ve revealed—from the same room as their partner, and still keep their affair a secret.”

Then again, maybe she isn’t cheating on you. Maybe she’s just addicted to social media. Which is linked to divorce. Sorry.

Photo courtesy of flickr.

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